Ubers and Amazon deliveries are becoming such a big part of our lives that it’s hard to remember when we were without them – but how does your insurance respond if you are the one driving?

When driving for a ride sharing service or delivering food or packages, your auto policy may not cover you.  Scooters and other vehicles that are less than 4 wheels may also have coverage exclusions that apply.

Most insurance policies now have specific provisions addressing vehicles being used for a fee. This would include driving for a ride sharing program and vehicle sharing.   The auto policy will describe when there is coverage and when there is not.   The ride-sharing program typically offers coverage during certain periods of the ride, but there may be some gaps, so it is best to review both contract.

Auto policies  also have provisions related to any vehicles with less than 4 wheels.  Owned or Rented Scooters and other Recreational Vehicles may have no coverage – especially if they are driven on public roads.  Damage or Injury from driving a Recreational Vehicle or Electric Scooter may not be covered.